Directions to Gåseborg castle ruins

If you would like to meet us at Gåseborg castle ruins that is fine. But there are no great maps how to get there. This is the best we can manage as a map.

A – Riddersviks scout cabin
B – Gåseborgs ancient castle ruins

If you do not intend to join us back to Riddersviks scout cabin in the torchlight procession. We rekomend that you bring a flashlight. It will be quit dark when we are going home from Gåseborg.

Ska du inte gå med oss i fackeltåget tillbaks till Riddersviks scoutgård så föreslår vi att du tar med dig ficklampa då det kan vara ganska mörkt när vi väl går hem.


Do you wish the GPS-coordinates you will find them here:
WGS84 59˚24’7.5”N 17˚45’46.6”E
WGS84 DDM 59˚24.125’N 17˚45.776’E
WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 59.40208, 17.76294
RT90 (north, east) 6588463, 1611200
SWEREF99 TM (north, east) 6588082, 656853


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