Gåseborg in the beginning of history

A little about how it was … Well, it was the case that two groups at the same time became completely independent of each other, interested in the SCA. Partly a group of guys and a group of girls.

We in the girls group were a mix of riding companions and members of the Tolkien Association, Eva, Eva, Aina, Tina, Marie and I. We read the same book series and it said in the book that the authour was a member of a medieval society where you acted as if you were in the Middle Ages. The association was called SCA. We dreamed for a while, but we searched and found an address and wrote. It was not that easy before there was Google and email. Tina and I lived neighbors and I’m pretty sure we sat at her dining table and planned.

Somewhat earlier the guy group, Fredrik, Bengt, Fredrik, Mats, Åke and Åsa (who were of course not a guy but sister to Mats in the group) had attempted to start SCA in Sweden. But for different reasons it didn´t spread and they had put it all on ice. In Uppsala there was another Åke, who had not attempted to start any Swedish group but had joined the mother association immediately.

Now the prince pair in Drachenwald, Raim and Gwynna decided that it was time to help Nordmark get started. They came here, along with some others from Drachenwald We received them at Gåseborg where several of us girls also met the guys for the first time. Hence, Nordmark’s cradle will always be right in Gåseborg. This was in autumn 1984. The meeting at Gåseborg was followed by a party in the Old Town of Stockholm.

In December, the small group had been expanded with some other members from the Tolkiens Society and some friends and siblings, so that we were a whole 17 inhabitants in Nordmark. Then we held the very first midwinter in Gåseborg, to celebrate that we had a very own part of Drachenwald. I do not remember if it was followed by a party that year, or if it came to a year later, but it is also a long tradition. By contrast, most went home first and changed to something else. We were not more people than that we were able to get together in each other’s small apartments if needed.

In the summer, the first armor was finished, just right until the second medieval week (and SCA’s first). The rest is well what you usually call history. I still have contact with Raim and Gwynna, who are absolutely wonderful people. They were also here for several of the early Middle Ages weeks in Wisby, and probably contributed strongly to spreading the week to middle-aged people outside Sweden.

It’s great fun that Midvinter is still celebrated. I think it’s a nice tradition with a nice mix of fun adventure and atmosphere.

I think it’s more fun with a picture from the very first Midvinter than anyone on me. These both have Marie Schröder taken.

Originaltruppen vid Gåseborg 1984

Foto: Marie Schröder

Those seen on the first picture with the torches ready to light are (with the SCA name): Angelique de Belvoir, Joanna of Tregellyn, Michael FitzRoderick, Mary Wood of Hamfeeld, Philippa Thistleton Beauty, me (who then was called Anne White of Camille), Ragnvald Göranson Ek, Morrigan ni Lochlainn, Valdemar Eriksson, Thorvald Varghuvud and Adelgunda Tvefot.

Missing in the picture, Rickard Bengtson Ormstunga, Erik Ålstene, Camlin and Vidar Vidfarne (who were there), and the photographer Marie, as well as William de Corbie (who were not there). Thus, Nordmark’s total inhabitants amounted to December -84, to 17 members!

Fackeltåg från Gåseborg 1984

Foto: Marie Schröder

On the other picture, you can see that procession with torches are a loooong tradition. Then we also stayed on the road with our torches, to take moody pictures.

/Fru Tora Adilsdotter Od also formerly known as Anne White of Camille

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